Medical Doctor | MBBS (UCL) 2013, BSc (UCL) 2010

Master of Public Health Candidate 2017,
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Goldsmith Fellow | BUNAC BEST Scholar

What I care about: A fairer, more harmonious world.

About to delete the above stock photo, I paused.

The photo I instantly identified as my home city of London (the view is South West along York Road from Waterloo Station, to be precise).

So to tell you about me, how better than to start with where I come from?

London is about Coming Together, and so am I. It is the city that welcomed my mother after she left her family – and political unrest – in Northern Ireland for a better future. Here, she met my father, and together they dedicated decades to teaching children in South London.

London gave me the gift of a culturally and racially diverse state education. It’s the city where I ate Jollof rice before Eton mess, and saw theatre, dance and film from all over the world.

In London, I studied to become a doctor. I learned the biomedical sciences alongside critical thought. Great women and men emboldened in me the fight for social justice, which led me to study public health and my current chapter.